For as long as I have been playing the guitar, I have always wanted to build my own. After amassing various parts over several years, I finally took the plunge. This project will be an almost exact copy of a 1964-1968 era Fender Duo-Sonic (sometimes designated as a Duo-Sonic II) For more history on the Duo Sonic click here. This guitar is a Christmas gift for my wife, Sarah Jane.

This is my 1965 Fender Mustang. For those of you too lazy to click on the history link above the Mustang was the upgrade of Fender's student model line (Duo-Sonic and Musicmaster) introduced in 1964. It was essentially a Duo Sonic with a tremelo system added. It was also offered with both a 22.5 inch scale neck and a 24 inch scale neck. Later in the same year both the Duo-Sonic and the Musicmaster would be offered with the same scale options. This one came with a 24 inch scale neck.
I also have a 1966 Fender Musicmaster. The only difference between a Musicmaster and a Duo-Sonic is the the second pickup and switches on the Duo-Sonic. Beneath the 'Pearloid' pickguard is all the routing necessary to add the second pick-up and switches. I would just add the missing bits to make this into a Duo-Sonic but cutting the wiring on a vintage guitar can reduce its value.
Here is the body. My brother is a NOT master carpenter but he builds and restores custom furniture so I have access to his equipment and expertise. We took my drawings and transfered them to masonite boards, cut out templates and did did all the body work on his pin router.
Completed pickguard. Also created on the pin router.
After starting the color coat I put a major ding in the body (Not Pictured)
So I descided to go ahead and fix all the dings... and repaint...
So here is the final color coating, not perfect but this will be a players guitar so I expect it to get dinged up good pretty quick...